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"As for the "Power", it's inside you. Now, draw it out."
—Lem's quote, Tokyo Xanadu

A Greed and mysterious girl who speaks in a boyish tone and calmly wanders the Other World. She is well-regulated with androgynous features, but her actual nationality, gender, and age are unknown. It i not even known if she is human.

Background Edit

One day, she stumbles outside of the Other World and suddenly appears before Kou. As one eligible for it, she gives Kou the chance to manifest his Soul Device.While she can often be seen appearing around Kou for assistance, at times she only appears to observe Kou’s actions as a bystander, so her true intentions are not clear. She gives Kou the chance to manifest his Soul Device and seems to have knowledge about something called “Xanadu".

She has a glowing, transparent-like body, and thus appears to be a being between that of the real and Other worlds.


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